Kangaroo Couch

Kangaroo Couch – all the devices you use day in day out neatly at your fingertips. A depleted battery is a thing of the past with this versatile organizer. The cleverly designed Kangaroo Couch is made of high quality materials and fits beautifully into your interior.

Smart bank organizer with 5-port USB hub

Charge 5 devices at once!

The Kangaroo Couch can charge up to 5 devices at once using the included USB Hub.

Installed in no time

Our Kangaroo Couch can be installed in no time at all, put the special end between the armrest and seat, plug in the socket and that’s it!

Stowed away at your fingertips

Always direct access to your devices, your cables easy and neatly out of sight.

Convenient compartments, up to 9 pieces

Plenty of space for your laptop, tablet, smartphone or remote control. But of course also your favourite magazine.

MANU is a Dutch brand with innovative interior products

The MANU collection consists of interior items in which design and ease of use are combined in a unique way. From wireless charging stations to handy organizers.

Frequently asked questions

What's included in the Kangaroo Couch?

With our Kangaroo Couch basic you get a smart bank organiser + 5 port smart USB Hub and an included braided power cable.

Past mijn laptop wel in de Kangaroo Couch?

Does my laptop fit in the Kangaroo Couch?

Does the Kangaroo Couch fit on every sofa?

We have tried to make the Kangaroo Couch as universal as possible. If you want to make sure that the Kangaroo Couch fits, we recommend using it on an armrest with a minimum width of 140mm and a maximum width of 270mm. The height of the armrest must be at least 475mm.

Can my phone charge wirelessly?

Unfortunately the Kangaroo Couch is not fitted with a possibility for wireless charging.

How many devices can I charge with the Kangaroo Couch?

The Kangaroo Couch comes with a 5-port USB Hub. So you can charge 5 devices at the same time.

Is the Kangaroo Couch even safe?

Yes, the Kangaroo Couch has been developed according to European standards. In addition, it has been taken into account that appliances cannot become too hot. The smart USB Hub also continuously measures the power demand of your device and deals with it smartly.