First stylish wireless charger & power bank. Design & technology fused into one.

True wireless charger

It’s a powerful wireless charger and powerbank, rolled into one streamlined design. The world’s first combined charger and powerbank, QUBE eliminates messy cables, and can charge of multiple devices at once – the top section can be lifted off and used as a stylish, portable powerbank while the base is perfect to charge wirelessly anywhere in your home.

Fast charging

The QUBE’s top holds a 10w fast charger combined with a powerful battery pack that can charge an iPhone X up to 4 times. While using the QUBE’s top for a quick charge at your favourite spot you can simultaneously charge another device on the QUBE’s base.

The QUBE’s top ‘powerbank’ will recharge when the base and top are fused together again. Making it possible to simultaneously charge your device on top as well as the powerbank itself.

Charger, duel charger and ‘true’ wireless charger

QUBE is so much more than your standard charger. In addition to being a fast and truly wireless duel charger, there is one feature that we appreciate the most and is that it looks great.

Say no to cable clutter

No matter how you slice it, we still need cables to get devices powered up. Our frustration brought on by unsightly consumer electronics led us to the design of the QUBE.


It has earned its place

The design of QUBE has ensured that it deserves a place in your carefully designed interior. By offering different materials it becomes easy to choose a suitable design for every style.

Blue, Terrazzo, Wood and Marble

We have made a careful consideration when choosing the materials. Only the most beautiful wood and stone have reached the top. Real walnut wood and for Terrazzo and Marble real stones are mixed with raisin to create an amazing finish. Each piece of marble is coloured in by hand during the production proces making each piece unique.

QUBE fits all USB power supplies

We ship our QUBE with a long braided USB power cable that can be plugged into any USB power supply like a computer, USB power adapter or wall socket with integrated USB port. Excluding the power supply makes the product truly international and earth-friendly.


“Good design has two important aspects: it pleases the eye and it serves a purpose”